Ibex Multimedia Graphic Factory

We are located on a secured property just off of Hwy 395 and Airport Road in Minden Nevada.

Ibex Multimedia, LLC
2213 Enterprise Ln Minden NV 89423

Ibex Multimedia Graphic Factory

Large Commercial Garage

We have a large controlled environment to keep your vehicle clean and inside will completing any applications. We can accommodate large sized trailers and vehicles with room to work.

Production Room Ibex Multimedia

Large Format Printing Production Studio

We can print most any length by as wide a 60″. Most wraps are printed in the 54″ width and put together with no visible seams. We print this stuff big and have the room and equipment to get it done right.

Box Truck Wrap Application by Ibex Multimedia

Clean Interior

Our shop is immaculate to reduce the amount of contaminants and dust from interfering or affecting the life span of the vinyl wrap.

Trailer Wrap Application by Ibex Multimedia

LED Interior Lighting

All of our design and application areas are lit with commercial grade LED lighting. Allowing us to see all the details and make it as perfect as possible.