2014 Ford Raptor Full Truck Wrap by Ibex Multimedia

Car and Truck Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are key to getting your message read clearly and seen often by numerous people or customers. Design, print and wrap. We design and print vehicle wraps for car wraps, truck wraps, ATV wraps, snowmobile wraps, boat wraps, and more. Call us for more information at 775-292-0000.

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Vehicle Wraps Features:

  • 3M & Avery Dennsion Premium Digital Print Cast Vinyl
  • 3M & Avery Dennsion Premium Cast Overlaminate
  • HP Digital Latex Ink
  • 3M Finishline Tape
  • High Quality Graphic Design

Squeaky Clean Windows Chevy Express Van Full Wrap by Ibex Multimedia

Full Vehicle Wrap

Full vehicle wraps will completely change the look and feel of your car or truck. Full vinyl wraps cover the painted surfaces of your vehicle. We can also wrap your bumpers, grill, door handles, and more.

Stor-All Storage Chevy Silverado Partial Wrap by Ibex Multimedia

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Partial vinyl vehicle wraps are a cost effective way of getting your brand’s identity on the road. This allows your to focus on areas of the vehicle that are highly visible to potential customers.

Cold Water Brewery Astro Van Window Graphics by Ibex Multimedia

Vehicle Window Graphics

60/40 perforated window vinyl is a great way to get your message out while keep the interior contents of the vehicle hidden from view. The hole pattern allows for viewing outward but, not in. It also defuses sunlight and interior glare for bright light. This same vinyl works great for store fronts and POP.

Friends of Genoa Toyota Tacoma Vehicle Logo and Lettering by Ibex Multimedia

Vehicle Logo & Lettering

If you need the classic style vinyl logo and lettering for your vehicle we can do that to. We can also print and cut your logo or graphic to shape and place it anywhere on your car, truck or trailer.